Marathon Training Week 5

This week the training plan suggested a bit of a reduced distance! 1/5 – 7/5 Runs: 2 Distance: 15km Time: 1h23m Total distance covered: 98.3km


Marathon Training Week 3

17/4 - 23/4 Week 3 of Marathon Training Runs: 3 Distance: 22.2km Time: 2h8m Total distance covered: 62.4km Could have done more if I'd run 4 times but decided to stick to three! Did more again that I should have, but ran 5 miles once and 6 miles another. Felt good!

Marathon Training Week 2

10/4 - 16/4 Week 2 of Marathon Training Runs: 3 Distance: 18.6km Time: 1h48m Not quite as much as last week but plan still suggested that I ran twice and I ran three times. Base building at the moment, the long run was 45 mins but will soon pick up towards an hour and beyond!