My name is Alex. I’m 22 years old and I’m currently finishing up my undergraduate studies in Biblical Studies and Theology at Mattersey Hall, validated by the University of Chester. I’m currently exploring ordination within the Church of England and I’m also due to be married in July 2016. I was born and raised in North Tyneside, near Newcastle Upon Tyne, and am very proudly a Geordie – hence the name of the blog!

In my spare time, I enjoy running and I’m interested in distance running, as well as the possibility of cycling and swimming in the future. This year I’m running the Great North Run in September for Teenage Cancer Trust. If you’d like to sponsor me, you can find the link to do so here. I also track all of my progress using Strava, my profile for which can be found here.

This blog is partly a documentation of my training and progress in preparation for the GNR, partly an encouragement for myself as I keep running, and finally an attempt to document some of my thoughts and experiences as an absolute beginner runner.

Besides a few weeks of running in my first year of my degree and some 1500m runs in P.E as a teenager, I had done very little physical exercise as of September 2015 when I started to run. Whilst not outrageously overweight, I had grown from being a very skinny child and teenager to sitting at around 11 stones in weight, with most of that starting to develop in to an overhanging belly. Now, 9 months on, I’m around 9.8 stones and run 5km roughly three times per week. I’ve had ups and downs but I can’t emphasise enough how much better I feel now – and how much I’m enjoying myself!

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