You could be forgiven for thinking that I fell off the wagon with my running after my last update. After all, it was 9 months ago. At that time I’d just gotten married, moved into the house and was training hard for the Great North Run in September. So what happened?

Great North Run 2016

02:03:20 – not bad for a first effort!

The race went fantastically well and I beat my initial goal of running in less than 2:15 (and finishing!) but was just short of my second goal of sub 2 hours. I really enjoyed the race though and was very proud of myself for completing it. In total I raised £489.57 which surpassed my goal of £400.

Life after the Half Marathon

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 16.20.29
My mileage peaked in October and December.

As you can see from the image above, I continued strong for the rest of 2016, running more in October than ever before. The day after GNR, I started a new job and this meant a change of schedule. I was able to join a gym and started to run on the treadmill every day.

692km in my first year!

I also celebrated my first ‘running birthday‘ and decided to see how many days I could run for consecutively. In my first year of running I had run 123 times, covering 692km. Not bad! The rest of the year went well and I ran every day including Christmas Day, on which I ran a 10k to celebrate my 100th consecutive day of running, and New Years Day.

For most of this time I was running a mile per day, and managed to drop my mile PB down to 6:41, or 5:57, if you believe Duane’s treadmill. I found that although the consistency of my running was better than ever, my legs were constantly tired and it was very hard to motivate myself to do more for fear of being injured. When I finally called it a day, I had run for 113 days in a row.

You may have noticed that my mileage has dropped dramatically since December. That’s because when I stopped after running consecutively for so long, I hit a slump. I was tired and thought I could use a break. More significantly, because I’d been running at such a specific time and place, I hadn’t accounted for running early in the morning or running for longer distances. From January until now, at the start of April, I’ve been struggling to run more than once or twice per week. I’ve become aware that I need something to train for, to get myself back into gear.

Despite this, I’m happy with how far I’ve come. As of today, I’ve ran 254 times for a total of 1,044.4km. I’ve ran just over 700km in my current trainers and will be replacing them with another pair in the near future. I recently set a new 5k PB of 21:37 and now hope to move on to a new challenge.

What next?

In a moment of inspiration and/or stupidity, I decided to not only sign up for the Great North Run again in September, but also the York 10k in August and the inaugural International Birmingham Marathon in October. My hope was always to run a Marathon this year, but for a while I’ve been making excuses.

I’ll be busy soon!

I didn’t get the dates in early enough and so I’m not able to do any races earlier than the York run, but using Great Run’s training tool, I already have a training plan that will see me through from now to race day. As with last year, I’ll be fundraising for Teenage Cancer Trust, so would ask that you consider sponsoring me. This is either a really good or really bad plan, so I’m setting my goal high in terms of fundraising!

My fundraising page can be found here and I’d appreciate any and all support.  I’ll continue to post updates as I go and hopefully this time I’ll also post the results of the races!

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!


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