Another late post! At the time of writing (20th March), I’m thinking back on last week, when I was at the New Wine Leadership Conference in Leicester, which meant that I wasn’t at the intern morning on Thursday. This means that the week went at a completely different pace to usual and everything feels a bit muddled. It also means that my reflections will be partly based on the previous week’s chapters and discussion on dignity and power. I have to confess that after consistently reading the chapters week by week even when we weren’t discussing them, I’ve now managed to fall fairly far behind! All of this going away has taken its toll in many ways. Anyway…

I’ve been thinking about communication. There are several reasons for this:

  1. The chapter on dignity; how can I give others dignity, fight for what is right and become more aware of my flaws?
  2. The chapter on power; how can I make a difference in the world? How can I give others power?
  3. The conference I was at; one of the talks focused on the need for mission in the church and the statistics around decline. The number that hit me hardest was that nationally there’s only 0.8% of 18-25 year olds attending (Anglican) church, which means that at the current rate of attendance, 2062 will be the final year of existence of the Church of England. That’s less than 50 years before a church with so much history no longer exists.

All of these things lead me to think about what I can bring to the table, and I think the answer is good communication. Communication of God’s love, the message of Jesus, of hope, dignity, life and love. Communication that there’s another way to live and that the Church doesn’t have to be irrelevant. Communication to the church about the needs of the people and how it can make a difference in the world. Bridging the gap between those who are included and excluded, passionate and uncaring, loved and forgotten.

So I’m doing my best to think about how I can communicate better. How can I become a person who others listen to? Can I become someone who gives wholeheartedly? Will my life match my message? And how can I talk in a way that is more relevant to others?


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