I’ve come to enjoy doing this. It doesn’t feel like a chore, but to some extent I look forward to it. It needs to be done and inspiration doesn’t always strike but it just isn’t troublesome or encumbering to think that I need to write a blog anymore. I’m encouraged by that, and hope that eventually I’ll get to that point with journalling, because I’ve managed to both get into and fall out of the habit recently.

Last week was a reasonably busy week, but had the feeling that it was busy because I was keeping busy, rather than because I was on the back foot. This is a bit of a theme of late, that I’m feeling more confident and am getting things done. I was preaching again on Sunday and managed to get most of that prepared on Wednesday, before finishing on Friday. I didn’t feel rushed or panicked though, and it seemed like a decent enough sermon. I also visited a reasonable number of people so was very happy about that. We finished our first Alpha course on Thursday evening, which was also lovely and to see how far we’ve come as a group in faith and conversation with one another was fantastic.

I’m very thankful for the opportunity that was afforded by the retreat day on Thursday for both rest and reflection, and found this particularly beneficial since I’d reflected quite heavily already in my blog for the week on the StrengthsFinder report. I’m concerned now that I need to make sure that this is outworked in a practical way, and with that in mind I have a few further reflections on how to do this:

  • I need to properly get into Journaling; perhaps I need to have one notebook exclusively for thoughts and another for work matters only.
  • I’m aware that daily prayer needs to come back in to my routine.
  • I’ve arranged to meet regularly with two individuals to talk about vision and the future, and this will keep me going in regards to one of the strengths. I’m also arranging to meet my mentor again soon, and also my spiritual director. Having these distinct, complementary relationships has been helpful.
  • I’ve been reading the two books for this term on character and culture; I’d like to write brief overviews/reviews of each as well as the books for last term, as well as typing up all of the key quotes that stood out most to me.
  • Along these lines, it would be helpful to have regular time for reflection built in to my week. Even after this year, the discipline of reading just 1 or 2 chapters per week of a leadership book would be very useful to keep up with.
  • Also thinking of keeping a log of the books, it would be helpful for strengthening the input talent to better use evernote or something similar and come up with a way of keeping quotes, sermons, anecdotes etc. all together for future reference. I do a lot of reading and learning, but most of this comes in one ear and goes out of the other (so to speak) and it would be helpful to collect it, learn from it and use it to help others.

These are some really practical ideas and I’m aware that I’m not necessarily reflecting in quite the right way, but it really is helping me so I’m sticking with it! Even just making a point to keep the discipline of writing this each week has been a massive help to me.


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