This week has been great and really interesting. In my reading I’ve been looking at the two books for this term, and the combination of looking at what forms culture and how the approach to character has changed is really interesting. I haven’t got many formulated thoughts on the subject yet, but I might do another post with some quotes that have struck me from the chapters.

The intern morning was at All Saints Huthwaite and it was good to see what’s going on there, Charlie Maiden’s thoughts in particular struck me as he seemed to have a real awareness of what’s going on. As someone from a similar ish sort of background, I could really see where he was coming from and how the church has met needs in the area. I was also at the bishops council residential, which as well as having access to a gym, pool and spa, was an opportunity to see all that’s going on in the diocese from a wider, almost birds eye view perspective, and to hear from Bishop Paul’s senior team. Thus is such a good opportunity and I’m really thankful and encouraged by this.

So it has in some ways been a longer week but in others there hasn’t been a lot to do. I’ve got on top of things, particularly regarding odd jobs and admin, but I didn’t do any visiting. Tomorrow I’m leading a family service in Blyth which I’m nervous about, and next week I’m preaching twice so I need to get my head down. I’d like to do some visits too, but need to be careful not to give myself too much to do. I’m feeling the pressure now, but realise that its just a case of my capacity needing to increase. So I am worried but know that I’ve got good support and can do it. As things get busier, I know that the most important thing is to keep my head, work when I need to and rest when I can.


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