Technically I’ve been back at work for 3 weeks now but last week was the first intern week back with the YLC so I’m counting it from there!

There was an introduction to the reading material for this term but I’ve only had a look at the introductions so far so I can’t comment more fully yet. I’m particularly impressed by the road to character, and have only heard good things about it so I’m excited to have a proper read. As for the Andy Crouch book, I’m not opposed the premise and think it’s probably quite helpful in the grand scheme things but I’m taking a little while longer to warm to it! In a word that seems to be increasingly ‘post-truth’, I don’t doubt that there is some significance to the ‘cultural artefacts’ of the world but I’m not entirely convinced that consumers, or even creators of products, associate as much meaning to products as we would like to think. But I’m not sure!
As for a review of my progress, I came in to January feeling quite frustrated with myself. In general I think it can be easy to feel deflated after Christmas and in particular, there were a few things that Jonathan had picked me up on on the first day back! So I was annoyed with myself but feel like I’ve managed to get on with what needed to be done by better assessing what needs to be done and trying to assign particular time slots in my diary each day to do that work. I can only speculate on how that has gone so far but I’m feeling better so hopefully I’ll report back positively on this in the next few weeks. I’m getting steadily busier so I certainly hope it helps!


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