This will be my last post before Christmas! Last week was actually the last teaching session on a Thursday, so the corresponding blog should have been posted last week! This is just an end of term reflection though, and it has been pretty busy! So I thought I’d combine this post with reflections on my Diocesan Advisory Panel, which took place this week.

There’s also the spiritual gifts test from a few weeks ago that I couldn’t seem to find the results from, so here they are (my top 5):

Pastoral care

Questions that we were considering last week were along the lines of how we are stepping forward in our calling and towards our future, and I feel strongly that this whole process has been an important part of that. The teaching sessions have been a really helpful way of learning, thinking about things and discussing new ideas with others. The long train journeys have meant that I’ve needed to be organised and have some time to do some reading as well, so that has been a blessing in disguise too! Even tracking expenses and putting receipts together to be sent off has been something that I wouldn’t have thought I’d be learning but I’ll definitely need to do in the future!

I’ve enjoyed meeting new people and the various places we’ve been to. Combined with my parish placement, which has been a really practical and honest look at parish life, I’ve been more determined than ever that I’m in the right place and doing the right thing. It’s funny that I wouldn’t initially have thought to do this year, but I’m really glad I did!

This week Christmas services are coming up so that’s sure to be busy, and then in the New Year things will step up a notch as I don’t think I’ve been productive as possible, particularly with worrying about my DAP! But more on that in a moment. So I’ll be taking more on, becoming a bit busier on Wednesdays with more assemblies to do, and trying to visit more people as this is something I’ve neglected a bit.

As for the DAP I was very worried, kept going over my presentation trying to get it right and spending time thinking about all of the possible questions that could trip me up. I stayed in Southwell the night before at Sacrista Prebend, which I was glad about as I had a really restful time which set the tone well for the day. I was pleasantly surprised on the day itself because I really enjoyed it, didn’t feel under too much pressure during the interviews, and my presentation went well. The other candidates were lovely too.

All in all it went really well and I got an email the following morning from Sue to say that I had a very positive report and need to organise to meet Bishop Paul before moving on. So with any luck I’ll be on to a BAP soon!

I’ll post more updates in the New Year. Merry Christmas!


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