For my blog this week, I’ll be reflecting on the Bill Hybels chapter on self leadership, and the questions that were raised in the teaching session on this.


For my life circle, I put relatively high numbers across the board, but there could perhaps do with being a bit lower in some cases. Here’s a basic explanation of each:

Physical Health – probably my strongest attribute, I think I do fairly well at this. I exercise regularly and eat fairly well, though maybe not quite enough, but I’m aware that I don’t sleep enough really. Definite room for improvement as always!

Finances – I’m not amazing at managing money, but I have some basic ideas about budgeting and tracking expenses when I actually do it. Could be better, could be worse.

Spiritual Growth – Maybe this number is a bit high. I’ve improved on this, definitely, but is definitely a weaker area for me.

Rest and Recreation – I put this quite low because I’m aware that sometimes I probably rest a bit too much if anything. Other times, I don’t rest properly.

Personal Development – This is an area that I’m fairly happy with my current progress in, I am trying to develop personally. This year is great for this.

Work and Career – Similar to above. I’m passionate and focused about what I want to do. If anything, number should be lower as I don’t always get enough done and procrastinate.

Home and Domestic – I’m pretty messy! Improving though.

Relationships – I could do a lot more to invest in quality relationships. An area for improvement.

And the questions from the session:

  • Which areas am I strongest in weakest in?

Physical health, personal development, work and career?

  • What can I improve to lead myself better?

Finances and Relationships.

  • What one thing can I do today to push myself forward?

As of today I’m back on tracking my finances. This is definitely an area of weakness, even if not in a huge way. I haven’t been intentional with my finances and this is something I can solve fairly easily.

I’ve also done the test that was mentioned. Here is a section of the results from the Personality and Values test: (I couldn’t seem to do the spiritual gifts one, I thought I had done so already so will have to try and find my results!)

Goal: Obliging and accommodating

Judges others by: Their warmth Influences others by: Friendliness and interpersonal skills

Value to the organization: Communicates the ‘big dream’, ability to bring a team together
Overuses: Dependency on others and optimism

When under stress: Emotional, too trusting
Fears: Not being liked enough


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