This week’s blog is late, sorry! Ironic given that I’ll be talking on Self-Leadership later this week!

This week’s blog is about the decision making process that is spoken about in the Bill Hybels chapter of last week and that we discussed in the teaching session last Thursday. It was interesting to note that so many decisions are made subconsciously or unconsciously; through laziness, taking the easy option, or not being aware that there are better alternatives. In answer to how I make decisions, it can be quite difficult because so much of the time I’m not actively thinking about how and why I respond.

In answer to the questions posed through the TED talk ’20 is the new 30′:

1. What am I doing that adds value to who I am?

This year is all about this, with the ordination process, the YLC internship and my ministry experience in Bawtry all contributing towards my personal growth. The reading we’re doing and my attempts to keep moving forward will all help me to make better decisions moving forward, and to grow and mature.

2. Who am I surrounding myself with?

Equally the other interns, people at church, friends from Mattersey and those who mentor me. I need to do more to take in more different perspectives and opinions though.

3. Am I helping Catherine to be the best version of herself?

Not always! I certainly need to do better at this. I do try and become the sort of person that I need to be to help Catherine, and help her to do the same, but it’s not always easy!

I’m not too sure what else to say on this, I found it difficult to put in to tangible terms!


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