My main reflection this week is on how good God is and the need to keep that central and to worship at all times. This is promoted in part by the discipleship teaching session for this week which was led by Joanne.

At the start of this week there were several things that were bothering me: an upcoming driving test, lots to do, miscommunications surrounding certain tasks. I wasn’t feeling happy that I was getting as much done as I needed to. As we near christmas I was beginning to get quite stressed and tired and was in need of real encouragement and progress.

As the week has gone on, however, God has really come through and helped me. On Monday I had a conversation to sort out some difficulties that had arisen, on Tuesday I passed my driving test which was a huge relief and blessing, and on Wednesday and Thursday I’ve managed to get more done and feel more on top of things as a result of this.

In regards to worship, I’m not saying that I can only worship God when things go my way. Rather, its all about living a life which is turned towards God. I recently have been trying to focus more fully on God, to pray daily and bring my problems to him and to submit myself and my worries to his grace and love.

As I’ve been doing that, things are starting to come together. Exciting opportunities are coming my way, I’m feeling more organised, I’m behaving generally better. At times like this especially I need to remember to thank God and give him all of the glory and honour, but I’m also encouraged that when things aren’t going my way I need to do that too.

Talking today about writing Psalms and I remember a time where I was really struggling and kept listening to a song daily that was based on Psalm 14: ‘how long, o lord? Will you forget me forever?’ and as the Psalm goes on it changes focus towards god’s unfailing love. I had completely forgotten about this but it was such a help at the time and continues to be my experience. So when we were asked to write our own Psalm, that’s where my mind went. And here is what I wrote:

The Lord is mighty and lifted up.
He answers the prayers of the broken
and the oppressed.
Those who call on his name,
will be answered.

How long, O Lord, must we lie in wait?
We do not see your face;
We do not know you among us always.
Daily we waste away,
Out worries keep us awake at night.

But we know that you will answer.
God of the ages, you hear our prayer.
Sacred God, high above all powers,
Bring us to your throne.

In the day of your salvation,
We will see your face.
We will rise up and be glad,
For you are our rock and redeemer;
And in you is eternal life.

So bring us to your table,
Feed us with your love.
Redeem us in your mercy,
And restore within us hope.


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