This week, we went to the offices in Nottingham of Capital One and M&S. They were very different experiences with vastly different methods, but you can see that the main thing in both cases was a focus on leadership, learning and improvement.

This was more flashy in the case of Capital One, but something that can be learned by the church was the importance given to constantly moving forward; not just in the skills needed for that specific role, but in general and in every area from time management to personal health and eating. Our job is to create leaders in every sphere of life and this should be reflected in our training. We could be great with people but awful in our personal lives in areas such as money or fitness and this, whether we like it or not, impacts us as leaders. I was particularly impressed by this holistic approach at capital one, and have personally found that the church for me has also allowed me to take time personally to develop on the whole.

I’m reminded of this article on marginal gains, and how small improvements in every area can improve the whole:

On a personal note, this is becoming relevant as I get more and more used to my roles and all that needs doing. I’m becoming able to focus on what is important and what isn’t, when I should be doing what and which tips on how to improve will help me. Things like managing my emails and calendar better have helped a lot, but I now need to make sure that I keep things simple and focus on what is actually helpful, rather than using productivity tips as an excuse to procrastinate. This is becoming clearer though, and I feel like I’m making improvements every day. That said, I wasted too much time last week on my DAP form; it still isn’t done and really should be!


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