This week has felt quite long even if I haven’t been too busy! The Diocesan conference between Monday and Wednesday was a great experience and fairly tiring, although it was also a nice break! I had some great conversations on calling and priesthood, and the sessions were all brilliant. I’ve since been reflecting on what can be done to push the church forward and what I can do to fit in with that. Thursday was also a great opportunity to see Emmanuel School and to learn about chaplaincy in that context and the work of Nottingham Citizens, and after that we had Alpha which went really well.

I’ve also been doing a good deal of reading and thinking based on personal development and moving forward, being goal minded and trying to institute habits that will help me in the future and centre me in God. In particular, alongside the Bill Hybels and Richard Foster books that we’re studying, I’ve been reading Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I’m particularly impressed by the idea of paradigms or habits that exist on a level below actions and even attitudes that dictate how we look at the world. The first habit, Be Proactive, has been my focus this week and it’s amazing what a difference taking responsibility over your actions and words can make!

A bit of a jumble this week, but I’m learning and growing and enjoying the journey.

Until next time.


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