(Apologies that this is delayed – I got married at the start of this month! This means that the update is late and when I’m writing about my goals for July, it’s with the hindsight that I already haven’t really ran much this month!)

June was my best ever month for running. I only ran once more than in June but in that time I covered 31km more and ran for almost 3 1/2 hours longer. I also ran my most ever miles in a month and ran the furthest I’ve ran before. A great month, really starting to ramp things up, and I continued to track my calorie intake to great result.

Runs: 11 (+1 from May)

Time: 9h 6m (+3h 21m from May)

Distance: 86.4km (+31km from May)

NEW: Most Mileage in a Month: 86.4km
NEW: Longest Run: 13.09km

As for July, I’m writing this in retrospect but my expectation was that my running mileage would be much lower this month and this has definitely been the case. With getting married and going on honeymoon, I’ve only managed a few runs. This has taken some time out of my training plan so my goal for the end of the month and August is to get back in to the swing of things and ramp it up a notch again ready for September.


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