May was a far better month for running than April. I knew this would be the case, but with the last minute addition of a race in to the mix, I had to make a real effort to step things up a notch.
It still wasn’t my best and had I not rested as much before and after the race, I could have done more, but I’m nevertheless happy with the forward progress.I ran my fastest ever mile and two 10km runs including my first ever race, a new 10km PB.

This has provided a good platform for increased mileage and this month I’ll properly begin training for the Great North Run, so I’ll also post my training plan below.I’ve also been tracking my calories and have truly seen the difference in making a record of what is coming in to my body. This is something I might write on in a separate blog post.All in all, a good month!

Races Ran: 1 (Total: 1)

Runs: 10 (+2 from April)

New 10km PB: 55:02 (1 min 27 secs faster than previous PB)

Time: 5h 45m (+2hrs 45m from April)

Distance: 55.4km (+28km from April)

As for June, I expect to build on my progress and continue to increase my long run mileage

In July I’m getting married, going on honeymoon and also attending 2 other weddings that we’re involved in. Mileage will likely be low so it’s important to keep building in the meantime, and keep pushing forward!
My goal is to complete my long time target of running three times per week, every week this month. I plan on setting a new record for the number of runs ran and my average distance per run.As always, I’ll let you know how it went at the end of the month!

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