March Stats:

Runs: 13
Time: 5h 51m
Distance: 57.9km

(NEW) 5k PB: 25:10

This month I made good progress towards meeting my goals but unfortunately was ultimately stopped short by a continued knee problem.

I ran more times this month than last, owing to a few shorter runs, which brings me closer to my goal of running 3x per week, every week for a month. This was my goal in March and was managed for the first three weeks but after several struggling efforts I ran last Wednesday and decided to take just under a week off to recover. I’m glad I did it, but it means that this goal wasn’t met and my distance is down this month.

I did, however, hit a new PB for my 5k. In hindsight, maybe having such a hard and fast run didn’t help me overall but it was a nice injection of inspiration. Shout out to Zombies, Run! for providing me with some entertainment and a pretty thrilling zombie chase!

It’s also worth noting that this will likely be the case in April too as deadlines strike and I spend 9 days in Iceland, but we’ll see. I’m not setting my sights too high but aiming for recovery and consistency.

New Running Shoes!

Since it’s my birthday soon and on my road to recovery, I also decided to buy some new running shoes. In the end I went with the Karrimor DUMA 2’s, which are relatively neutral with a bit of extra cushioning, as I discovered that I have fairly high arches. I like them so far and they’re a bit improvement on my Nike Revolution 2’s, which I think were contributing to the injury as they had such high heel cushioning. I also decided to go for a basic knee support strap, to see if it helps at all and to correct any overcompensating for the tender knee.

Nevertheless, I feel a bit bittersweet about the end of my Nike running trainers. I bought them in my first year of college, ran in them then and now have done all of my running until the last few days in them: 339.4km. I’ve now retired them on Strava, but I think they deserve a few words. So here’s an ode to my Nike Revolution 2.0’s.

Nike Trainers,

I couldn’t have gotten here without you. Literally.

You didn’t feel great on my feet at times.

I think you probably actually contributed towards an injury.

But overall you served me well.

And I’m glad to have had your help.

Goodnight, sweet prince.



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