• Total runs: 10
  • Total distance: 53km

This month I finally almost met my goal of running 3 times in a week, every week for a month. The problem was that I started the month off a bit wobbly as my knee was funny from the end of January, and the same problem has let me down again.

As with January, I tried to do a 10km run and pushed a bit too hard. So I had a week off from last Thursday until Thursday just gone and my last two runs have been slower and shorter. The good thing is that I was consistent throughout, the bad thing is that I had another injury scare.

Heading in to March, I plan on continuing to ease myself back in by running fairly slowly and keeping the distance at no more than 5km each run. I’m also going to be making sure that I warm up and cool down by walking before I start and stretching at the end. Hopefully that should help me avoid further injury!

As for goals for March, I’ve decided to do things a little differently. Rather than trying to increase my distance (and injuring myself), my aim for this month will instead be consistency and basebuilding. There are 5 Tuesdays, 5 Thursdays and 4 Saturdays in March and I plan to run 5km on each them, adding up to a total of 70km or 43 miles.

Whilst I won’t run any 10km’s, this will still be the most I’ve ran in a month and should establish a solid base for future running. Then in April I’ll either add a day per week or gradually increase the longer runs. I keep worrying about the Great North Run but I need to remind myself that September is a while off yet and there’s plenty of time. Having pushed too hard up until now, building a base for a month should help avoid further injury.


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